We are

Buck Island Partners

We share our experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly because we want you to learn from our mistakes. We love helping others get their business working correctly to obtain what is important to them and to be successful.  Buck Island Partners is based out of the USVI and supports local clients, as well as on the mainland. 

Meet our Founders

We’re Michael and Greg and we’re ready to become your trusted advisors. The military shaped who we are and with that comes passion and investment in every client

we work with.

Michael Hunter
Chief Catalyst Officer
West Point Graduate

Michael is 3rd generation West Point graduate and it’s one of the few places in this world that feels like home.  He goes back annually to see lifelong friends.

Big Business Experience

He started his career at NASCAR and then Booz Allen. It was a crash course in his MBA!

Serial Entrepreneur

Buck Island Partners is his 4th start up!

Caribbean Living

Michael loves the outdoors – biking, hiking, diving, and fishing.


Michael volunteers as a mentor for transitioning disabled veterans while they are still in the military and continue through integration back to civilian life.

Greg Lloyd
Chief Technologist
Country Living

Greg was raised on 3000 acre farm in Bates County, Missouri.


Greg was in the Marine Corp and now his son is too. He was part of the Intelligence unit providing support to Nato during Yugoslavia conflict.

Family Man

Happily married with 4 kids (boy, girl, boy, girl)

Technology Nut

If there’s new technology out, Greg knows about it! His philosophy is if you have to do it more than 20 times, then there is a way to automate it!

Simple Taste

Nothing beats meat and potatoes and a night of cheesy 80’s rock and country music.

Buck Island Partners was founded in 2018 in St Croix. We help entrepreneurs who lead micro or small start-up companies that already have a viable product or market, to leverage technology, business processes and strategic planning to help them prepare to grow their business and take their idea/innovation to the next level. Buck Island Partners brings expertise in strategy, technology and business process reengineering with startup experience to identify, deploy and fully leverage technologies/IT systems that facilitate continued growth.

What’s Behind the Name?

Buck Island is the recreation place of St Croix. A National Park that is pristine, beautiful and filled with wildlife, hiking trails and nature’s beauty.  We wanted a name that was iconic and elicited a positive response filled with emotional connection and deep significance to those of us who call St Croix home. Success in corporate America can lead to burnout and as life moves forward at lightning speed, it challenges us to reevaluate what we define as happiness and success.  Sometimes, those moments of chaos bring clarity to what should be important and then forging the path to get there becomes the new focus. For us, redefining success in a life altering way began with pursuing our career in a place that made us happy and offered us the lifestyle we wanted…now. We want this for you, too.

We are a team of experts with experience in strategy, technology and business process reengineer that help entrepreneurs make infrastructure changes that better position the company for continued growth. Our focus is our clients and creating rapid growth.

Our Philosophy

Work Hard and Enjoy Life

Owning a business is not a 9-5 job. It is similar to having a child.  The identity of the company is wrapped around the ownership and leadership and clients of all kinds are high demand when you are good at what you do.  This is who we are and what we do. However, with our experience we have learned how to take a step back, clearly define what “success” means to us and how to create a healthy balance that meets our clients needs as well as our own. Happiness is a lifetime activity that determines your way of life. Become a partner working to achieve your version of success.


We have learned a lot in the last 2 decades of our career and are at a point in our journey where we are eager to give back.  We want to share our experiences so others can avoid the mistakes we made and grow their businesses to achieve what they define as success. One of the biggest things we attribute our success to is our belief that leadership and building a strong company culture are key to a company’s success. We create a culture where entrepreneurial thinking exists, where employees are empowered, interested and believe in the work we do and are are excited for what’s next!